Founders of Shift Vacation Rentals, Klaas de Jonge and Michelle Ruber

We are Klaas and Michelle a Dutch/American couple, who feel that traveling, is a fantastic way to connect with other people. It opens hearts, minds and souls. Basically we thrive on travel.

We met while Klaas was bicycling (yes, on a push bike) through the USA. It really was one of those I saw him across a room stories….and fell for him instantaneously! In a whirlwind I quit my job, rented my house and joined him on my bicycle. We rode through Mexico and Central America for 5 months together. Off into the sunset…..

That was in 2004. Fast forward to today we live in NE Portland where we own Shift as well as Encircle Design and Build, a residential remodeling company. During our travels we have stayed at many places and began taking note of what we did or didn't like with our lodgings. Our goal in creating Shift Vacation Rentals was to put together our ideal rental in our ideal city with all of the amenities and design that equate to an amazing experience.

Oh, and yes, the name Shift does come from our love of cycling. Plus it’s a play on the idea that when you travel you “shift” your mindset. Check out this Travel Oregon Video, about us and our love for cycle touring: